SuperFast Delivery


Delivering locally since 2015 we have completed thousands of deliveries to residents and local businesses in Guelph and surrounding areas. You can order online or call anytime to have something delivered to a residence, business, recreational area, or set of GPS coordinates.

We deliver food, flowers, groceries, packages, and prescriptions from anywhere in Guelph. Our prices are competitive, and our drivers have been trained to always behave in a courteous, professional manner.


Safety is key

Our drivers respect and obey all distracted driving rules and only carry up to $50 in cash. 

Apply to become a driver here.


What we don't deliver

  • Illegal Substances
  • Alcohol
  • Restricted substances 
  • Items over 50Lbs, please let us know if your delivery is over 50Lbs.
  • Hazardous materials


Terms of service

Please be as specific as possible when placing order, if an item is not in stock, the item will be omitted from the order. We do not deliver alcohol as we are not licensed for that type of delivery at this time. 

Public order delivery fee is $8.00, an extra $2.00 will be added for debit/credit transactions

Extra stops are $2.00 per stop

Get something delivered

Not Open

All of our locations are currently closed, please check back later. We look forward to serving you during our regular hours.